I think I might move to seattle


Grown men who check out teenage girls make me physically ill.

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People being creeps by your window is kind of terrifying. I live in a basement level apartment, so my windows start at the ground. I leave my windows open, because there is no AC (there’s a screen and bars over the window). Last week I woke up in the middle of the night to some homeless guy sitting right next to my window fixing up a can that he proceeded to use to smoke something disgusting out of. Then he masterbated. For over thirty minutes. It was disgusting. He was so fucked up though and clueless that I was even there.

I just thought you might like to read another creepy window story.

Now I’m too afraid to even open my windows ok


Johnny Cash and June Carter onstage 

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There was a man watching me get ready through my window.
I just saw him there in my mirror so of course I yelled at him to fuck off.
I’m actually so scared of leaving my house now though.


Pretty magical place

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