I dont regret my past, I just regret the time ive wasted with the wrong people

Anonymous asked: Done asking questions.. You're honestly prime. Let's get some grub and fuck already..

I’m just interested in the food.

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Anonymous asked: Three things, then: What physical object do you still have from your childhood that you'll never throw away? What do you wish you were the best at? Not just good. The best. Who or what do you miss the most that you know you won't see again?

1. My bracelet from my mom
2. I’d rather just be good at a lot of things.
3. My grandpa

caferacer92 asked: How do you like to be approached by a guy??

Not at all.

Anonymous asked: Well shit. I'd do a lot of inappropriate things to you.

I like inappropriate things.

Anonymous asked: I'm really shy but I think you're incredibly gorgeous..

Thank you. Don’t be shy though. I’m nice I think.

Anonymous asked: Classy but rough? Under the stars on the beach, or on a nice bed all white linens.. Both?

All of the above.

Anonymous asked: I've never kissed a girl with a septum, can you be my first? ;)

Wow. I think most people have septums. How many one nostril girls do you know?!

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